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my name is Florian Willuhn.

I build multichannel pickups for electric guitars.

Handcrafted in Eberswalde, Germany.

I’m glad you landed on my website. Enjoy browsing.

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Imagine a guitar with 6 outputs...

That's what I had in mind about a year and a half ago.

Since then, I've wound the Earth in copper wire approximately three times.


And now, I'm excited to announce that the vision has become a reality:

Introducing the POLY-PICKUP.

The POLY-PICKUP features six individual pickups, with each string having its dedicated output. All neatly housed in a standard humbucker format.

Place your string signals wherever you desire, apply distinct effects for each string, and let the inspiration flow.

Prepare your guitar for Dolby Atmos,

with strings vibrating from all sides.

Gimmicks and playfulness in six dimensions.

This is the essence of the POLYGUITAR.

Feel free to write to me for any kind of questions.

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